Kind Words

Anna x BastI

From the inquiry to the delivery of the images,

communication was quick and easy.

We felt super comfortable with Alex as our photographer

and immediately took him to our hearts.

You could tell that he was serious about not wanting to have

a customer-service provider relationship.

We have gained a new friend in him and would book him again at any time.


Alex accompanied our wedding ceremony followed by a celebration and gave us wonderful pictures. He has such a warm and open manner that we immediately took him to our hearts. Although shootings were completely new territory for us, we immediately felt comfortable in front of his camera, we could just be who we are and didn't have to pretend. Alex had a certain eye and perfectly captured all emotions in a natural way in a matter of seconds. The photos are wonderful memorabilia and we are more than happy with the results. We can only recommend this great photographer to everyone. We are still super happy and would choose Alex again and again.

Lena x Julian

Alex accompanied our wedding in summer 2019.

It was so nice with him from the inquiry to the delivery of the photos.

You can only quickly close this person in your heart.

To see and feel how open and empathetic he was with us, but also with all our guests, made us so happy on the wedding day.

He was like another friend by our side who failed us with such beautiful memories. When we look at our pictures today, we feel transported back to this beautiful day.

Marie x Tim

Alex accompanied our wedding in summer 2022.

The communication was sympathetic and easy.

We immediately felt comfortable with him, and because of his open, easy-going manner gained a new friend in him.

We are delighted with our wedding pictures.

The way he treated us and our guests on the wedding day

Dealt with was amazing. Sympathetically open and honest.

He was like another guest, and is perfectly immersed and submerged. Alex has captured all the important moments perfectly and you can feel the emotions when looking at the pictures.